U2. Who is the architect?

An architect is the head of architecture, he is an artist, a creator, a designer, and a professional who provides creativity and beauty to what is surrounded, and is also a creative head who works with a team to get the best results, an architect is also one who manages space and tries to make and get the best outcome out of it.

So how can one become an architect? a great one?

In my opinion, the biggest key to being a successful architect is to learn to see and analyze and try to get ideas from every single thing you see, whether it’s when you go outside and observe the buildings, or when you go to a restaurant and you try to analyze and understand how it’s designed, or when you travel and you discover the architecture of the old city…

Another key is being able to think and analyze different concepts and ideas, and sharing them with your colleagues.

The second key is drawing, this is a very important one, it is as important as the first key as they complement each other. So when you observe and get ideas about your surroundings, you will have a very rich and creative mind that will be able to imagine a lot of different and creative ideas. And now it is time to put it on paper, so whenever you get an idea try to represent it on paper, or whenever you see something that fascinates and attracts you try to draw it.

An architect should also know about the executive part which involves things about materials of construction and many more, he should know at least the basics so that he would be able to communicate and work with the civil engineer.

Now that we got an idea about the keys and tips to becoming an architect, I want to show some of the famous architects: