Welcome! My name is Malak Salmi, I’m 19 years old, and from Morocco. I am a first-year student in the English group of the School of Architecture of the UPV.

I have been part of team number 7, where we worked together on the Huerta field practice, and for the future of architecture presentation.

My personality is fun and outgoing. My favorite thing to do in my free time mostly is to watch a series, a lot of series! Before I came to Spain I had 2 hobbies that I loved so much and which I am planning to go back to. First is swimming, I was in a club of swimming since I was 12 years old but I then have quit when I reached 16, the second one is pilates, which is truly my getaway at the end of the day, whenever I have a pilates class I get so relieved and get all my negative energy out.

For my studies, it’s been 2 years since all that was on my mind is: What am I going to study? Would I like it? Would I regret my choice?… a lot of questions were going through my mind nonstop, so, after I applied I got accepted into architecture! One of the biggest factors that made me confident to get into architecture is my father, as he is an architect, and growing up I use to go with him to his workplaces a lot and I enjoyed what I have seen, so that really helped me make sure I made the right decision when choosing the architecture.

Four months into architecture and I am surprisingly liking it! At first, I was so afraid at first, but until now as hard as it is I find it quite enjoyable, so I am trying to profit off of this journey and make the best out of it!

Since I am not the best at drawing and had no idea about it prior to getting into architecture, one of my primary goals for this year is to improve my drawings! Nevertheless, I’ll leave some of them here.