In Morocco, riads have long existed. The name “Riad” means in Arabic “garden”, and it’s a central courtyard that surrounds a structure with rooms and communal areas. Riads feature a variety of rooms as well as a more ornate courtyard with a garden or a sizable fountain and some greenery.

Due to the climate and culture, Moroccan medina houses have historically been largely focused on a large courtyard at the center, it was kept at a cozy temperature thanks to small exterior windows and a central courtyard. Moroccans have always valued privacy and disliked display, they prefer homes that appear modest from the outside and furnish them with exquisite detail inside. Additionally offering a pleasant space for family activities is the center’s spacious courtyard.

Every time I visit a riad, I reflect and think about the influence that such architectural creations can have on our lives. The experience of staying in a riad and looking at its stunning architecture always makes me feel good and fills me with positive energy.

Riad construction has to be one of my favorites if not my favorite of all time. The amazing Zellij that the riad is designed and made with gives it vitality and youth with its colorfulness and originality.

Just waking up to the Riad’s amazing architecture, the beautiful fountains, and the amazing Zellij garniture would make your mood boost, so if you are a tourist or even a Moroccan resident and you have never visited or stayed in a riad, I highly recommend you to do so during your visit. Also, most Riads have a small pool in the middle which makes it look even better and provides you a great view when you wake up.

Here I will leave you with more pictures of different Riads that I am sure you will like, Enjoy!